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Amber Nº3 - Coffee

Finally after over 2 years of design, a coffee centered amber blend is born!  The base is a smooth & creamy Hawaiian Sandalwood this time paired wit the resin from the Peru balsam tree. The coffee beans are robust and to the point while the rare coffee blossom add some softness and sweetness.  Nutmeg and Pepper make sure your nose is turned!


Contributing plants & their countries of origin.

Sandalwood. Santalum paniculatum. Hawaii.
Peru Balsam resin. Myroxylon pereirae. El Salvadore.
Coffee bean. Coffea arabica. Italy.  France.
Coffee flower. Coffea arabica. Madagascar.
Nutmeg seed. Myristica fragrans. India.
Pepper fruit.  Piper nigrum. Malaysia.


    Each gift-wrapped, thick, blue glass jar contains 3 grams a solid botanical perfume.


    Carrier oil is ancient, oderless, long-shelf-life Ben Oil, (cold-pressed & organic Moringa oleifera oil) from India. There is a little added local (to Bellingham WA) raw beeswax to slightly thicken the perfumes.


    All aromatic plant materials used in these perfume blends are either wild or organic or in a small amount of cases carefully yet conventionally grown. ALL PLANTS ARE SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED. The palm-sized thick blue glass jars come from Switzerland and block all UV light. The 3 gram jars are gift-packaged in orange organza pouches with accompanying attractive labels & tags.


    ** Please remember to use these parfums with respect. They are plant spirit medicines & have very high botanical concentrations of volatile oils (up to 45%). These parfums can be used for anointing, for special occasions or for daily dabbing as plant companions. They are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Please avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to apply a dab of parfum to your forearm and check it frequently over the next 48 hours. Everyone, especially pregnant women and nursing mothers, PLEASE USE DUE CARE. I


    Sorry, to insure the excellence & purity of the perfume blends, there are no returns or refunds.


    Shipping costs to contiguous USA addresses occurs during check-out. For Canadian & International customers, please phone 360-734-1596 for details