Kali ~ Sample

Kali ~ Sample

Kali is known in India as the Goddess of Destruction and Regeneration. In this blend resides the paradoxical marriage between the most severe & most sweet of aromas. A contemporary (intense & smoky!) devotional attar from an actual Kali temple in West Bengal is my unrelenting muse & it very slowly emerges in the last half of the dry-out. First, however, we are charmed by the aromas of sweet vanilla, unassuming rhododendron, soft tea & ancestral seaweed. This blend unfolds on the skin with enigma and mystery!


Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Kali Devotional Attar. West Bengal. India.

Assam attar. Camelia sinensis. India

Ambrette seed. Abelmoschus moschatus. India

Rhododendron leaf. Rhododen. anthopogon. Nepal

Vanilla bean. Vanilla planifolia. Madagascar

Seaweed. Fucus spp. France



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