The Perfume

THE MATERIALS which I use in these Hand-crafted Sacred Perfumes/Anointing Oils


1- I take a huge amount of care (that which a medical herbalist or aromatherapist would use) to curate the best quality aromatic (fully botanical! no lab tinkering!) extracts that I can, either from the worldwide community or locally from the state of Washington USA.

2- There are only 2 ingredients of organic material that I use to carry the aromatic ingredients which themselves comprise some 40% of the perfume.  Organic cold-pressed Indian Moringa bean oil (which has no smell of its own plus a 5 year shelf life) and Wild Local Beeswax (which acts as a preservative, mixes magically with our the sebum of our skin and keeps the glass jar from leaking in your pocket or purse ! ) 

3- There are NO synthetic fragrances, GMO's, additives, preservatives, or laboratory-manipulated isolates in these aromatic blends.

THE SKILLS  I apply to the design, dispensing and formula renewal of these botanical  perfume blends

1- I draw upon a vast accumulated knowledge of the botanical, aromatic, experiential, herbal and psycho-spiritual aspects of each plant used.

2- I set a deep sacred space where I intend to experience "what wants to be created". This includes identifying which plants want to participate and their exact ratios, drop by drop. This is fun!

3- I test each "design" on my skin to experience the melody of its dryout. If it is not interesting or enchanting, and if it has only minimal tenacity (it lasts less than 20 minutes on the skin while in its full aromatic profile), then it is back to the design table for another try. From scratch. Some blends have taken me 4 years and 20 tries. Some come to fruition in one try.  In each new design, I look to be introduced to new vistas of experience, for some modulation of my mood or feeling and an element of Total Intrigue ( like "What was That?" ).

          Each design is strictly formulated to conform to a Perfumer's Template. That is, it must have a base, heart and top note and all 3 notes must be dynamic interactivity with one another. The base, heart and top notes are typically each composed of 2-3 aromatic plant contributors. A perfumer "perceives the play" between all the components of each note, plus the lively participation mystique  between all the 3 notes. Subtlety and "olfactory whimsy" are of essence here!